For the past several years, I've been teaching ukulele classes at Artichoke Music here in Portland, Oregon. For each class, I post video tutorials here on my website for them to practice songs we've learned and played together in class. If you're interested in joining us, please visit Artichoke's School Calendar for upcoming classes. 

For those not in the Portland area, you're welcome to download the chord charts that accompany each song to follow along. PLEASE NOTE: Videos posted on my website align with the current term being taught. If you've accessed a video from past classes and need a chord chart, feel free to let me know via the Contact Page of this website.


Tutorials now available for:

Beginning Ukulele

Strum Patterns

4-chord songs in the Key of C

Tour of Keys: Building Chord Knowledge

Summer 2017: Campfire Songs

Campfire Songs Audio Recordings