Performances Workshops


The following programs can be modified for various learning environments: schools, colleges, senior centers, community education centers, etc. Please direct inquiries about any of the offerings below to the Contact page of this website.

Dreams & Ghosts: What We Learn From Our Family Stories

Includes a live performance of stories and songs plus classroom/workshop hours that introduce the genre of family stories, the discussion of why they are important, and how to craft and record the stories of your own family. Appropriate for upper elementary through college age students.

What’s in a Story?

Includes a live performance of stories from major genres (trickster tale, fairy tale, folk tale, etc.) plus classroom/workshop hours to coach students in choosing, crafting, and performing a story to tell to a live audience. Best suited for any grade in the school environment, but easily adapted for adult learners.

Songwriting Workshop

Includes a live performance of songs from major genres (ballad, blues, call-and-response, etc) plus classroom/workshop hours to coach students (individually, in small groups, or whole class) in writing a song in a specific genre. Can also include the opportunity to record finished songs in a local recording studio. Appropriate for learners of all ages.

Keeping a Journal for Personal Growth and Daily Enjoyment

The regular practice of writing and engaging in reflection has been proven to improve memory, to boost personal morale, and to be an invaluable aid to organizing one’s thoughts for decision-making and self-reflection. Includes either a one-day intensive workshop or 4-week class to introduce a variety of daily practices in written and visual journaling. Best suited for adult learners, but easily adapted for school environments.


Music Together is a nationally renowned, research-based music education program that has been providing group music instruction to children from birth to five years old for over 25 years. I am a trained in-school music specialist, able to provide the Music Together curriculum to preschools in the Portland, Oregon region.

What I love most about this curriculum is the engagement it offers both children and adults in the joys of making music in community and the profound effects it can have on a child’s development and relationships with others. Weekly classes are approximately 30 minutes each. A carefully chosen order of songs exposes children to different kinds of rhythms, melodies, and music traditions. As the teacher, I take the lead, but children make this experience their own, engaging in the music in a variety of developmentally appropriate ways. Professional development is available for teachers, and community music celebrations are offered to invite parents to experience a taste of it all, as well.

Music learning supports all learning. I take seriously my role in supporting the important and essential work of teachers of young children.

Please visit the Music Together website for a wealth of information about their history, philosophy and extensive research that supports their curriculum.